What is Mintzanet?

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Are you trying to improve your Basque level but haven’t got anyone to practice with? Do you feel you’ve forgotten what you learnt at one time? Do you want to meet people you can practice speaking to in Basque?

Mintzanet is a fresh proposal for anyone who wants to practise Basque wherever they may be in the world. Over the Internet you’ll get to meet people who want to speak in Basque. It’s really simple! You choose the time or what you want to talk about.
And what about you? Do you fancy speaking to people who are improving their Basque? Get involved in our project and you’ll be giving those who don’t get to speak Basque in their usual environment a fantastic opportunity. You’ll be helping them to practice and take their learning process further.

Bidelaria: he/she is learning Basque and wants to improve his/her level, so he/she needs someone else’s help. To take part, a minimum level is required. They must be able to maintain a conversation. To show this, they will have to do a small test (A2 level).


Bidelaguna: someone who knows the language well offers his/her help to someone else so the latter can practise the language (no title needed). He/she is a helper.

Conversations take place in pairs.

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